Orchestral Music Production


By Alex Moukala

10 lessons 34 videos 3 hr 38 min

Learn how to produce powerful orchestral music thanks to Alex’s step by step guide, tailor made to help you get from a simple piano idea to an epic orchestral composition. In his course Alex will take you from basics, like how to choose the best orchestral libraries for your DAW, all the way to...More

10 Lessons

34 videos3 hr 38 min
LESSON 13 videos14 min


LESSON 23 videos15 min

Music Theory Basics

LESSON 33 videos19 min

How to Write a Song

LESSON 43 videos8 min

Orchestral Libraries

LESSON 54 videos39 min

How to write for strings

LESSON 64 videos24 min

How to write for brass, woodwinds and choir

LESSON 73 videos17 min

How to write for percussion

LESSON 83 videos24 min

Putting everything together

LESSON 94 videos31 min

Overview of mixing basics

LESSON 104 videos23 min

Extra tricks for powerful orchestrations

Meet Alex Moukala


Alex Moukala is an Italian-born orchestral composer and producer. Alex’s music has been featured in Hollywood movie trailers as well as commercials for such blockbusters as Avengers: Endgame and many more. When it comes to composing and teaching, Alex’s enthusiasm is highly infectious. If you need...Read more

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Orchestral Music Production


By Alex Moukala

10 lessons, 34 videos, 3 hr 38 min

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