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Become a teacher

Come teach with us

ArtMaster is a dynamic and successful music school based in the beautiful city of Prague. With over 14,000 online courses sold, we are expanding into new markets and already have a diverse student base from 66 countries around the world!

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to pick up an instrument and start learning and developing their musical skills. 

We are building a platform with top educational content, which will not only help teachers across the globe reach more students but also provide them with a way to earn additional income.

becomeateacher.jpgShooting of Orchestral Music Production course with Alex Moukala

And we’re always looking for fresh teaching talent! All you need is charisma, a positive vibe, and a passion for inspiring others. Our preferred candidates are teachers/YouTubers who have experience in both teaching and speaking in front of a camera.

If you’re not camera-shy and want to learn more about this opportunity, read on for more details.


Let's work together to design your course!


Share your passion and reach thousands of new students in your own unique style!

Reap the benefits

Boost your earnings and your reputation!

Do you have teaching experience, are comfortable in front of a camera, and fit our profile? That's great! Just drop us an email expressing your interest in collaborating with us, and we'll send you all the details on how to attend a casting.

Send us an email at

Don't forget to include an introduction about yourself, your teaching experience, and a video (e.g. on YouTube) of you speaking and explaining the topic you’d like to teach. The video should be around 2 minutes long.

In case you missed anything

  • Music Learning for Everyone: We’re all about breaking down barriers, making it easy for people from all corners of the world to dive into music.

  • Born from Passion: At our core, we’re musicians, deeply committed to sharing the transformative power of music with the world.

  • High-Quality Educational Content: Our courses are designed for a clear learning path and led by industry professionals eager to share their practical knowledge and real-world experience.

  • Community for Growth: We’re here to help students grow in their musical journey and to provide teachers with a platform, building a community as passionate about music as we are.

  • Access Upon Registration: Once you register for the free trial, you gain immediate access to all ArtMaster courses, just like a full member, absolutely free for 7 days.

  • Automatic Membership: If you don't cancel, after 7 days, you'll automatically transition to a full member and be billed for the annual membership ($70.80).

  • Easy Cancellation: Cancel anytime during the trial. Go to 'My Courses' and click 'Free trial settings' or go to the user icon in the top right and click 'Membership'.

  • Annual Membership: Priced at $5.90 monthly ($70.80 billed annually), includes unlimited access to all current and future courses.

  • Complete Courses/Sets: Priced at $39 - $59, with over 10 lessons, 30 videos, and extra resources.

  • Essential Bundles: Priced at $89, includes 2 full courses.

  • Complete access to all existing and upcoming courses

    All courses are taught by highly skilled musician-teachers, who've collaborated with top artists and attracted significant online followings.

    Each full course typically includes at least 10 lessons, 30 videos and includes extra resources, such as PDFs.

  • During Free Trial: Cancel anytime within your 7-day trial without charge. Go to 'My Courses' and click 'Free trial settings' or go to the user icon in the top right and click 'Membership'.

  • Post-Trial Membership: We'd hate to see you go, but you can cancel your membership at any point (User icon - Membership). If canceled post-trial, billing stops at the next cycle, but your access continues until the end of the current period. You can easily cancel your membership in your account settings.

  • Purchases: Single Courses, Complete Sets, and Essential Bundles are non-refundable. Use the free trial to make sure they're right for you.

  • Trusted Payments: Secure transactions with Stripe

  • SSL Protection: Safeguarded with DigiCert SSL Certificates.

  • Instrument Lessons: Just the instrument (like guitar or piano).

  • Music Theory: Nothing extra.

  • Orchestral Music Production: PC/Mac, DAW, headphones/speakers, and orchestral library (Nucleus Lite recommended).

  • Log In: Once you've purchased a course, we'll set you up with a personal ArtMaster account.

  • Head to "My Courses": You can watch the videos whenever and wherever, provided you have internet access—it’s as user-friendly as platforms like YouTube or Netflix.

  • Extensive Material: At least 10 lessons and 30 videos in each main course.

  • Additional Resources: Depending on your course, you’ll get educational texts, images, chord diagrams, rhythms, PDF songbooks, and resource links.

  • Multi-Device Compatibility: Yes, our courses are accessible on various devices, including computers, TVs, tablets, and smartphones, as long as you have internet access.