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Breathing Techniques for Singers

Breath control is a game-changer for singers, enhancing everything from vocal stability to emotional expression. Proper breathing techniques help you sustain notes, maintain vocal health, and deliver powerful performances. We cover essential breathing techniques and practical exercises to improve your breath control, whether you're new to singing or an experienced performer.

Keyboard vs Piano: which should you choose?

Trying to figure out whether an acoustic piano, a digital piano, or a keyboard is right for you? Each has its own vibe, from the authentic echo of an acoustic piano, the tech-savvy charms of a digital one, to the cool versatility of a keyboard. Whether you're dreaming of classical concerts or bedroom jams, there’s a perfect match for your space, budget, and musical ambition. Let's find out which one strikes the right chord with you!

Beginner's guide to choosing your first guitar

My first guitar was an acoustic, a surprise gift in my teens. I knew nothing about playing, but that didn't stop me, and it wasn't long until I bought my first electric guitar and joined a band. However your unique journey as a guitarist unfolds, one thing's for sure: picking the right guitar is an important step. But, don’t worry, this guide's here to walk you through the basics — from the differences between acoustic and electric guitars, to what to look for in your first instrument, whether to buy new or used and a free video guide to the guitar body.

How to change a guitar string

If you are a beginner guitarist, you may be wondering: can I change the guitar strings myself? Yes, you can. Although the process is a little different depending on whether it is an acoustic or electric guitar, you’ll get the hang of it quickly and it will soon become second nature. Check out how in our step-by-step guide, including a free video tutorial and some handy tips and tricks.

How to play any guitar chord

Every song you love is built on chords – the fundamental building blocks of music. Learn the essential skills to play guitar chords with our comprehensive guide. Ideal for beginners and more advanced players, it includes an interactive chord chart, a free tutorial by pro guitarist Orbel Babayan, and expert tips to make your chords more interesting. Learn to read chord diagrams, master popular chord progressions, and use tools to find chords for your favourite songs.